made in the usa

We at Star Bedding are proud to say that all of our products are manufactured here in the United States from components purchased from American companies. We feel it is important to support the national economy. Furthermore, we buy local whenever possible. It is critical that we never sacrifice quality for price, and it’s even more important that we maintain an awareness of our economic role in the local community.

Certified with Pride

100% New Material

In recent years, the mattress industry has experienced an epidemic. Ruthless mattress renovators have invaded the scene, re-using aged and soiled materials in their mattress construction, even sewing new covers onto old mattresses, and selling these products as if they were brand new. This is not only illegal and unethical, but these products also create a health hazard local and state governments have yet to address. Consumers need to be wary of bottom-price alternatives offered by these ruthless mattress refurbishers and rebuilders. Here at Star Bedding, our mattresses are made with 100% new material, and it says so right there on the label. It’s our guarantee to you. Even if you don’t choose a Star Bedding mattress, we highly encourage every consumer to ask questions about the materials used in any mattress they are considering purchasing. Your health may depend on it.

Federal Flammability Standards CFR 1633 and 1632

In 2007 the U.S. government implemented new universal standards for the flammability tolerance of mattresses and other bedding materials. Monitored and enforced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), these stringent requirements have had a major material effect on the entire industry. Through the implementation of an inherently fire resistant barrier material, as well as extensive third-party testing, all Star Bedding mattresses have been shown to meet and exceed these federal flammability specifications.

Featured Models

Starbedding Pillow EZE

Pillow-Eze Pillow-Top

Indulge yourself in the depths of luxury. Fall into the Pillow-Eze, a most lavish and opulent sleep experience. Thick layers of foam conform and mold to the body, providing a blissful night’s sleep on a soft and yielding surface.
Starbedding Kings Rest

King’s Rest

The King’s Rest is the mattress for those who want the softness of a pillow-top without the thickness of one. But don’t be fooled by its slimmer design – this mattress has a plush cover that molds to the body just like a traditional pillow-top, but has the extra advantage of offering orthopedic-type support.
Starbedding Regalrest

Regal Rest

Brilliant and ultra-comfortable, the Regal Rest is ideal for those who want just a touch of luxury without the exorbitant price.