About Us

Star Bedding Factory Star Bedding was founded in Hialeah, Florida, USA in 1968 and has been managed by its current owner since 1970. We've grown in the same South Florida location for over 40 years, becoming an established part of the local community and a point of stability in the ever-changing industrial market. We are locally and regionally recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of mattresses and box springs, and our name has always been associated with quality, trust, and dependability.
By keeping our company small, our manufacturing standards and our quality control are exceptional. We are so confident about our products that many of them are warranted for up to 20 years.  The bottom line at Star Bedding has always been quality, even if it means sacrificing our profit.

Our goal here at Star Bedding is simple: To provide you with the highest quality American-made mattress at the lowest price so you can pass that value on to your customers. Unlike other mattress manufacturers, we have retained the personal spirit of the small business while acquiring the experience of a large operation.

If you've ever spoken to anyone who has enjoyed an evening's rest on a Star Bedding product, you know the level of comfort and satisfaction they've experienced. Those who have slept on a Star Bedding mattress only say one thing: "That was the best night's sleep I've had in a long time."